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Football index comparison

Football index comparison

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Highlights Opposition will seek to target government on the issue of farmers' plight Govt listed 25 draft legislations for the Parliament session Thousands of farmers have been protesting for the past one year against the three legislations

The Winter Session of Parliament is set to begin on a stormy note on Monday (November 29), with the government ready to bring in a bill to repeal the three contentious farm laws. The Farm Laws Repeal Bill is slated to be introduced in the Lok Sabha. Thousands of farmers have been protesting for the past one year to repeal the three legislations. The bill states that though "only a small group of farmers are protesting" against these legislations, the need of the hour is to take along everyone for inclusive growth. The ruling BJP and main opposition party Congress have issued whips to their MPs to be present on the day. The session beginning Monday will conclude on December 23.

The opposition will seek to target the government on the issue of farmers' plight as well as their demand for a legal backing for minimum support price. Congress has also demanded a condolence resolution for the farmers who died during the year-long protests against the three laws.Besides the repeal bill, the government has listed 25 draft legislations for the Parliament session, including one to ban all but a few private cryptocurrencies while allowing an official digital currency by the RBI.A report of the Joint Committee of Parliament on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 will also be tabled in the two Houses during the session.The bill, seeking to provide for the protection of personal data of individuals and establish a Data Protection Authority for the same, was brought in Parliament in 2019 and was referred to the joint committee for further scrutiny on the demand of opposition members.The main objection of opposition members was granting "unbridled powers" to the central government to exempt any of its probe agencies, including the Enforcement Directorate and the CBI, from the purview of the entire act.These three bills are Narcotics Drug and Psychotic Substances Bill to amend an act of the same name, the Central Vigilance Commission (Amendment) Bill and the Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill. The Central Vigilance Commission (Amendment) Bill and the Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill propose to extend the tenure of directors of the CVC and CBI.There is also a politically significant bill specifically for poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, The Constitution (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, to amend the SC and ST list of the state. It is being introduced just a few months before the UP assembly election slated to be held early next year. Similarly, there is another bill to amend the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes list of Tripura.Then, there is the High Court and Supreme Court Judges (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Amendment Bill, 2021, to amend the salaries act of judges of the higher judiciary. The list of businesses also includes the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Second Amendment) Bill, The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (Amendment) Bill.Other listed bills include the Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill, 2021, which seeks to "empower the Commander-in-Chief or the Officer-in-Command of Inter-Services Organisations in respect of persons subject to the Army Act, 1950, the Navy Act, 1957, and the Air Force Act, 1950, who are serving under or attached to his command, for maintaining of discipline and proper discharge of their duties".The Emigration Bill, 2021, will replace the Emigration Act, 1983 to establish a robust, transparent and comprehensive emigration management framework that facilitates safe and orderly migration.

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To do a launch campaign which includes print media and hoardings, the brand is planning to spend anywhere between Rs 4-6 crore.

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Besides its own online store,Tyaani also has a flagship store in Mumbai.

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Raymond’s legacy dates back almost 92 years to the year 1925, when it was a small woolen mill, by the name of Raymond Woollen Mills in Thane, that used to manufacture coarse woolen blankets and modest quantities of low-priced woolen fabrics.

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