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B-ABLE Success Stories

B-ABLE Success Stories

  • A self-driven young individual, belonging to a financially deprived family of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh was threading a dream to become a successful businessman. As he was growing up, his dreams were getting suppressed by family responsibilities. He started working in different pathologies, clinics to help his father but deep inside he was looking for an opportunity to fortify his dreams.
    At that time he came to know about Lal Pathlabs course training offered by B-ABLE. He inquired about the training prospects and enrolled himself with a purpose to fulfil his dreams.
    After finishing the training program, he owned a franchise of Lal Pathlabs and became a successful businessman.
    He proudly said “B-ABLE has given me the courage to fulfil my dreams and today I am earning more than Rs. 60000-70000 /- a month.”

    Vijay Tamarkar
  • A house maker, belongs to a middle-class family of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Her husband is a very hard-working individual who was working vigorously to satisfy the household daily necessities. To help him, Mamta also started working at a private school and earning a minimum amount of Rs 7000/- per month.
    At that time, the couple came to know about the EyeMitra training and entrepreneurship program offered by B-ABLE. After knowing all the prospects, her husband enrolled her name for the course. It was a very profitable platform for both of them.
    After completing the training she inaugurated her venture close to her residence and started it with much zeal and dedication. She shared that ” before, me and my husband together were earning only Rs 20000-25000/- monthly but, now, alone I am earning Rs 40,000-50,000/-. It has not only stabilised our financial condition but also strengthened our mental state.

    Mamta Pandey
  • 19 years old young aspirant holding a very inspiring life. She belongs to a very financially deprived family. Her father’s merest income was not adequate to fulfil the least commitments of the household, which caused Ashu to grow up without her parents. Ashu Her maternal grandmother took all the responsibilities, and both of them were enjoying each other’s company.
    While completing class 8, her grandmother passed away due to old age. It was a moment when she broke down, but the sympathetic comments of the neighborhood pushed her to stand straight again.
    She started delivering tuition to the children, and with that earning, she completed her class 12. It was the start of her journey of being self-independent.
    Later she came to know about the retail training program, under DDUGKY, offered by B-ABLE. It was an advantageous opportunity for her. She immediately enrolled herself with the hope of earning a better livelihood. Today she is working at Express and earning Rs 10000/- per month.
    She also stated “I am very thankful to B-ABLE, which has changed my life and transformed my struggle into prosperity.

    Ashu Kumari
  • A 25 years old candidate, belonging to a deprived family of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, living an indigent life. His parents are involved in Daily Wage job, which failed them to satisfy their daily requirements.
    After completing class 12, he planned to start looking for different working opportunities but, due to less educational qualification, he was unable to find a decent job.
    At that time, he came to know about the Refractionist course under Seekho aur Kamao, Ministry of Minority Affairs, offered by B-ABLE. He enrolled himself in the training process and concluded it with confinement. As a result, today he is working at Azeem Iqbaal HealthCare and earning Rs 9000 /- per month.

    Mohd Ayub